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Quality jewellery

Mimí Milano always strives to heighten the allure of natural gemstones with its creations.
The beauty and brilliance of Nature’s fabulous masterpieces are unleashed by the skilful hands of expert craftsmen.
Each gemstone has its own unique optical properties that are determined by its crystal structure.The characteristic, unconventional cuts of the handmade jewellery, known as mixed cuts, are specially designed and created to maximise the beauty and allure of every single creation.
Briolette, navette, rosette, cabochon, and «faceted drop» are just some of the cuts you can admire in the alluring handmade jewellery by Mimí. Next are some of the gemstones most frequently used in Mimí creations.


Diamonds are the precious stones per excellence and the romantic symbol of everlasting love. They come in all the colours
of the light spectrum and are characterised by varying degrees of brilliance: from transparent to opaque.
From diamonds with the classic, sophisticated vintage rosette cut to ultra-modern diamonds in different natural hues with a wide range of cuts and nuances.
Read MoreAll the diamonds used in Mimí Milano jewellery are natural and have not been treated: in compliance with United Nations resolutions they come from legitimate sources that are not involved with funding armed conflicts.


Synonymous with beauty and harmony, pearls have always played a key role in the most important moments of every woman's life.
As the perfect way to celebrate special occasions Mimí Milano selects only the finest quality freshwater pearls in a range of the most beautiful pastel colours for its creations. These tones echo mother-of-pearl and conjure up sensations of natural charm and brilliance.


Sapphire is from the corundum family of gems and typically has a distinctive blue hue created by traces of iron and titanium. It has always been seen as the synthesis of all the precious stones, which is why it was the only gem deemed good enough to adorn the priests of Zeus. Among its hidden qualities, sapphire is said to have a calming effect on impulses and soothe feelings of anger.


Named after the beautiful nymph Amethyste who was transformed into a precious stone by Diana to escape from Bacchus. Amethyst is variety of quartz with a transparent and translucent appearance and a distinctive violet colour. Mimí Milano creations combine amethyst with lavender jade, freshwater pearls and rose gold.


Peridot is part of the olivine group and takes its name from Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess.
The knights of the Crusades believed peridot symbolised wisdom and purity and its power as a talisman is enhanced when set in gold.
It has a transparent and translucent appearance and comes in varying nuances of green: from pale green to lemon green and even some hues of brown.


Garnets are a group of gemstones with a transparent and translucent appearance.
Garnets come in a full range of all colours except for blue. Its qualities include inspiring new ideas and helping to let go of past influences by instilling hope and optimism.


A universal symbol of perfection and healing.
A member of the jade family, lavender jade has a distinctive opaque and translucent appearance. Mimí Milano creations combine lavender jade with amethyst, violet freshwater pearls and rose gold.


Known as the gemstone of youth, the opal inspires intuition, a love of beautiful things and brings a sense of serenity and harmony. It bestows cheerfulness, kindness and tranquillity and helps you to appreciate the more colourful moments in life.

Blue Topaz

Associated with the fifth chakra, it aids in understanding the truth and expressing it in words. It is part of the topaz family and is known for its distinctive colour that ranges from azure to deep blue through to London blue.

black and white

Agate is a gemstone from the chalcedony group. It instils courage and helps you to win the heart of the one you love. Characterised by an opaque appearance, the beauty of agate is accentuated when used in combination with rock crystal and with white freshwater pearls, or with smoky quartz and with violet freshwater pearls.


Wonderful for combating stress, rose quartz encourages a positive attitude to life and bestows calmness and serenity.
It is part of the quartz family and has a transparent to opaque appearance in all tones of pink from bright colours to milky hues.
Rose quartz is used in creations with rock crystal, pink freshwater pearls and with rose gold.


Known as the gemstone of prosperity and wealth, citrine enhances concentration and helps you feel in a good mood.
It has a transparent and translucent appearance and comes in all shades of yellow: from orange to red and even brown hues.


Smoky quartz encourages self-esteem and self-respect.
It is part of the quartz family and has a distinctive transparent and translucent appearance. Smoky quartz is also renowned for its colours, which range from brown to black hues.Smoky quartz is used in creations with rock crystal, pink freshwater pearls and rose gold.